NHL Rumors: Johansen, Bissonnette and Hextall on the Cap

  • Aaron Portzline: RFA forward Ryan Johansen has two- and four-year offers for the Blue Jackets on the table. There hasn’t been much talk between the two sides lately. The Blue Jackets don’t want to a four-year deal as it would take him to unrestricted free agency. The Blue Jackets have tw0- and three-year deals on the table for Johansen. Time isn’t a factor yet, but training camp is six weeks away and will become a factor soon.
  • The Fourth Period: The Blackhawks appear to be among the five or six teams that have shown some interest in Paul Bissonnette. The Capitals are also one of the teams showing some interest. Bissonnette is thought to be looking for a multi-year deal at around $750,000 per season.
  • Hope Smoke: Flyers GM Ron Hextall: “We have Pronger who we can put on LTIR. We’re over [the cap] but we can make it work” … “You really have to plan and look long-term [RE the cap]. When we moved Hartnell part of it was hockey reasons but also cap reasons” … “In 2 or 3 years we’ll have some of our younger guys up & core players that we’ll need to create [cap] space.” … “Unfortunately you can’t plan exact numbers. It’s not an exact science…” “… You do have to look ahead & see who you have up & make sure you have the proper space to get them signed.” … “My history in LA, sometimes it’s better to sign guys when they’re younger & get a little bit of a better deal than doing a 2-3 year bridge & then signing them long-term.” … “It’s different with every situation but you want to be careful with offer sheets.” … “You don’t want to have a good young player & you’re up against the cap & all of a sudden you’re worried about an offer-sheet.” … “Biggest difference between now and 10-12 years ago is planning ahead with the cap & making sure you have the space.”

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  1. ross

    08/08/2014 at 11:12 am

    fans and media always make more of an issue out of the cap than teams do, GM’s never seemed to concerned about so fans and media should stop making a big deal out of it as well