News and Rumors: Johansen, Leiweke and Bylsma

Ryan Johansen - USATSI
  • Michael Arace of the Columbus Dispatch: The Blue Jackets training camp starts in 27 days and they still need to come to terms with RFA Ryan Johansen. If they can’t reach a deal by the start of training camp, then it starts to become a problem. It would hurt him, the team, and alienate the fans. Talks have been on and off since July. They are $3 million a season apart on a two-year deal. Johansen is looking for $7 million a season, the Blue Jackets are offering around $4 million per. Johansen camp believes he is one of the top 12 centers in the league and say they can solicit an offer sheet. The Blue Jackets say he’s only had one good season out of three.

    • Gord Miller: Speculation yesterday was that Tim Leiweke will be heading back to Los Angeles to head up a 2024 Olympic bid that would include an NFL stadium.
  • Sean Fitz-Gerald of the National Post: Tim Leiweke:

    “That’s nice that people are speculating,” Leiweke said. “All I’m thinking about is how I’m going to get this darned training centre done in time for January 2016.” Leiweke, of course, was based in L.A. before moving to Toronto. “Honestly? I don’t even have a home in L.A. anymore — we leased it,” he said. “I have nowhere to live. No office. No job. No money. Nothing. I’m glad everyone already has me placed. I’m very happy. My wife will be ecstatic.”

    Leiweke on talk that he’s leaving due to issues with the MLSE board, mainly Rogers and Bell.

    “They’re wrong,” he said Friday. “We got $200-million out of our board. You don’t find a dysfunctional board and get $200-million for a training centre, BMO renovation, [expensive Toronto FC additions] Michael Bradley and Jermain Defoe. People don’t understand: We have a good board.”

  • James O’Brien of Pro Hockey Talk: Dan Bylsma spoke with Rob Rossi of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: He knew right after the loss to the Rangers in Game 7 that it would be his last time coaching the Penguins. Doesn’t sound like Bylsma was in a rush to find a new job and he doesn’t think the Penguins delaying in firing him was to keep him from coaching somewhere else. Bylsma is getting $4 million over the next two years from the Pens.


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