Rumors III: Expansion Talk Heating Up?

  • Tony Gallagher of the Vancouver Province: Sources that are close to the expansion situation are indicating that an expansion team to Las Vegas is a done deal. Who the owner will be hasn’t been determined yet. The NHL also be looking at least one other expansion team. Seattle has been mentioned before but there are no surefire plans to build a new arena. That could change quickly as Vancouver billionaire Victor Coleman is one of many people interested in bringing an NHL team to Seattle. There are two less teams in the West, so expanding there makes sense.Gary Bettman recently.

    “There’s a lot of interest. We’re hearing from multiple groups in Seattle and in Vegas and Kansas City and Quebec City,” Bettman said to the Tribune while scoping out Target field in Minny for yet another trip to the well of outdoor games.

    “We have not decided to engage in a formal expansion process but we listen to expressions of interest. It’s not something we’ve seriously considered yet.”

    Kansas City may not be a serious contender for a team unless they are thinking about adding four teams. Quebec City could then be a possibility.

  • David Pagnotta: “Expansion. It’s coming, NHL fans. You’ll be hearing more everywhere soon enough. Quebec City, Seattle and Las Vegas have been the 3 markets pushing hardest for an NHL team. QC & Vegas have arenas already being built. There is an ownership group in place wanting to bring the NHL back to QC. There’s a group now in SEA (but no new rink yet). Vegas is most interesting, and there have been some groups that have expressed interest, but don’t know if there’s a clear-cut group now. Kansas City is always in discussion, but it’s a big darkhorse. Biggest challenge for SEA now is new arena. For LV, it’s proving it can sustain a local fan base of roughly 12k season tix (full/semi). I haven’t heard Vegas is a “done deal” but it’s definitely in serious contention. Again, needs sound ownership and proof of local support.”


  1. Twist

    08/27/2014 at 4:20 am

    Seattle + Quebec City YES
    Las Vegas + Kansas City NO

    Enough teams in the south, need more teams in the north.

  2. I_am_I

    08/27/2014 at 10:18 am

    I guess the upside of Las Vegas is that they don’t need special permission to build a casino to support the team…

    Anyway you can tell that Quebec City isn’t getting a team from the way the NHL structured the divisions, 2team in the west. It makes perverse sense, a highly profitable team could add an extra couple million to the cap floor and the struggling teams won’t want that, so why not add another dude?

  3. Hankbemis

    08/27/2014 at 10:19 am

    Need more teams? What?? Nhl expansion makes zero sense. There are plenty of teams that lose money every year. As a result, the teams that do pay to keep those teams in shitty hockey markets afloat (essentially encouraging them to continue to lose money). Maybe the Nhl should start making decisions based on realistic viability of the market rather than… I can’t think of a single reason. Watering down the teams certainly doesn’t help anything. There’s got to be someone making more money off an expansion. Get rid of teams!! Make them fend for themselves, and get rid of the salary cap.

  4. I_am_I

    08/27/2014 at 1:38 pm

    Apparently they are thinking of four new teams! Four!!

    As for the money: $1.4B. I wonder if that is considered hockey related revenue for players share purposes…

  5. Mark Easson

    08/27/2014 at 1:42 pm

    The $1.4 billion is just for the owners.

  6. Colin N.

    08/27/2014 at 4:04 pm

    It breaks my heart that Kansas City and Vegas are in more serious conetention then Hartford. When will the NHL right that wrong?

  7. Bill H

    08/28/2014 at 1:55 am

    My family have been long-time fans and supporters to bring a professional hockey team to Seattle.The demographics,and TV market, together with a growing fan base of hockey followers, make the Pacfic Northwest a logical site for an NHL Expansion team. Chris Hansen is already working with the members of the City of Seattle and King COUNTY, waiting for the approval of the Environmental Impact Proposal. We’ve been anxiously waiting for the first shovel of dirt to “officially”
    Kick-Off our Arena project! respectfully submitted***