Rumors I: Ryan, Alfredsson, Brodeur and Maple Leafs

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  • Ken Warren of the Ottawa Citizen: Senators Bobby Ryan is expected to take a bigger leadership role this season. Ryan will be a UFA at the end of this season and he hopes contract talks on a new long-term deal will pick up now that he’s back in Ottawa.

    “I was looking forward to getting back here to getting more involved than I have been (in negotiations), but as far as I knew, every discussion has been amicable and there haven’t been any breakdowns or anything like that,” said Ryan, who spends most of his summer in relative isolation in Idaho. “Everybody is confident that we’re going to start going with (serious negotiations) when everyone is in town.”

    “I hope it doesn’t distract the other guys when they’re fielding questions about it. I know how hard it is to get asked questions about (Jason) Spezza’s status and stuff when he’s in the room. You never want to say anything that is going to make it worse for that individual.”

  • Hope Smoke: Darren Dreger: “I think the chances of Alfredsson playing this year are very good” … “I know he’s in Detroit and skating daily. Alfredsson is like Selanne in that he is an older guy in great shape” … “Alfredsson not signing yet isn’t a money issue. The Red Wings will have room for him.”
  • Hope Smoke: Darren Dreger: “It’s intriguing what is going on with Brodeur.” … “There have to be some owners that are saying to their GMs that there has to be room for a 3 time Cup champion” … “I believe in the right circumstances Brodeur is a guy that can run with it.” … “I have gone back and forth over the course of the off-season with Brodeur & he’s ok with where he’s at. He’s very patient” … “I haven’t been able to pinpoint which teams are most interested in signing Brodeur”
  • Hope Smoke: Darren Dreger: “It’s hard to believe that as a team D and core the Leafs are going to be worse next year. They brought in grit & experience” … “Is Clarkson going to be a top 6 or bottom 6 guy? I think he’ll begin as a top 6 guy but will battle with Kontiola & Santorelli” … “I think the Leafs’ 3rd line is going to be one of the identifiable positives this year. A line like Booth – Santorelli – Komarov”

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  1. seven-deuce

    September 3, 2014 at 5:54 pm

    As a diehard Leafs fan, I hope and pray they tank the season and get involved in the McDavid sweepstakes. The problem with the Buds is that they have hovered in mediocrity so long that they have difficulty making the playoffs but are never terrible enough to get that #1 pick.

    So frustrating.